• American Craft Endeavors has been bringing top-quality craft festivals to craft lovers all over Florida for years. Why? Because crafting is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Our crafters pair skills and imagination to bring you products, creations and decor pieces that make an impression, showing without a shadow of a [...]

  • Get ready to join American Craft Endeavors this weekend in Osceola Street at the 17th Annual Downtown Stuart Craft Fair. With over 100 crafters ready to put their work out on display at this beautiful location, and with plenty to see and do before and after the festival during the weekend, there’s no doubt that [...]

  • Before we talk about this weekend, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making last weekend’s Marco Island Festival of the Arts such a rousing success! We received so much feedback about the show, and it was unanimously a huge hit. We’re excited to go back and we’re glad you’re [...]

  • This weekend, we’re looking forward to the St. Pete Beach Corey Area Craft Festival, where we’ll be checking out many of our favorite crafters and artists sharing some of their latest work. We anticipate seeing many of you there. Will you help us spread the word? There are many ways you can help us do [...]

Art Festivals

#SanMarcoArtFestival : Show returns to San Marco Boulevard!

Before we talk about this weekend, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making last weekend’s Marco Island Festival of [...]

Craft Festivals

#TheVillagesCraftFestival: Crafting for Well-Being — Five Craft Hobbies to Pick Up

American Craft Endeavors has been bringing top-quality craft festivals to craft lovers all over Florida for years. Why? Because crafting is more than just a [...]

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It’s almost here!!! This week’s debut show in beautiful Marco Island is one of the spring festivals we’ve been looking forward to the most and man, are we excited to share news of it with the world! Our team has done a great job of spreading the news throughout social media and the Internet, but we need your help too! Be sure to share our Facebook posts about this show [...]

I create artistic “Americana” photography, that is representative of American country life during the mid 1900s. I mainly focus on old country stores, country homes, filling stations as well as signage and vintage vehicles of all types. I individually prepare each image with my goal being to create a sense of nostalgia along with an artistic “feel” that draws you into each piece. Most of my creations I finish on [...]

Did you know that mosaic art is one of the oldest arts there is? Back in earlier times, it was a sign of wealth and status, I suppose because it takes so long to make. Properly made mosaic art work should last a long time and makes an excellent family heirloom to be passed down through the generations. I’ve been up cycling old china, porcelain, lamps, vases, anything that breaks [...]

I admit … my paintings are all about love, very mushy, very romantic … I guess that describes me, too! There is enough dark art out there … I love to create loving, happy art … art that may uplift your spirits and bring joy to your heart, using rich oils so full of color and emotions that are easy to see. Have you ever wanted an original painting of [...]

I work primarily with wire, combined with freshwater pearls, shells, gemstones, coral, glass, and most recently, polymer clay. Color is most important to me, and I love combining colors to create unexpected results that people are drawn to. Polymer clay has been my most recent passion because color is key. I’ve been working with polymer clay for the last two years or so, but haven’t even come close to exploring [...]

I specialize in commissioned oil portraits and also enjoy figurative painting, murals and en plein air. Formerly, a watercolorist I began working in acrylics in 2001 (as a muralist) then moved back to my favorite medium when I was an art student, oils. Now I paint almost exclusively in oils on linen and on copper. While concentrating on portraiture I have also painted en plein air in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, [...]

Born in Havana, Cuba, on October 8, 1943, I grew up watching my father paint, which influenced my path towards becoming a painter myself. I left Cuba with my family in 1960 and came to live in New York where I started to paint and exhibit my work in New York’s Greenwich Village and other venues.  I’m an abstract expressionist, self-taught artist and have been developing my own painting style [...]

Eugene Perry, with his hallmark innovative, modern yet simplistic and sophisticated style, is an abstract metal sculptor from Philadelphia, PA. Born in Liberia, West Africa. Perry moved to the United States when he was ten years old and learned welding through his job, while performing his task as a steel fabricator. Looking to his faith for inspiration, Perry was stimulated by an early mentor, Jung Park, an older Korean artist. [...]

Jerry Ozboyaci, known as Jerry Oz, was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He was involved with artwork at an early age, as part of school curriculum. Charcoal drawings caught the eyes of his teachers. He was encouraged to continue working on his drawings. For a while he did and won several prizes at local art shows and at school. As a young lad, playing sports, especially soccer, became his priority. He [...]

Goldsmiths Christiane & Oliver Hampel were born in Germany, where the art of designing and making jewelry was learned and honed before moving to Naples, Florida. Their innate sense of style and creativity, coupled with their love of nature, is reflected in their jewelry. Jewelry, as an art form, has the power to create moods and produce reactions. Our design philosophy is to awake emotions by taking beautiful organic shapes [...]

We’re going to Lakeland this weekend! Our debut show, the Lakeland Craft Festival, is almost here, and we want this to be one of the most successful shows we’ve had, ever. What can you do to help? Spread the word, of course! We have our online communities to help us do that, sure, but those online communities can’t function without you – YOU guys are the life force of our [...]

Are you following Howard Alan Events on Facebook? If you’re not, you are missing out on some great stuff! From posts about our shows and the people involved in them to inspirational quotes and fun, adorable pics, we do our best to keep the content in our Facebook, blog, and other social media communities fresh and interesting. Do you have any suggestions? Don’t be shy! Email us at info@artfestival.com and [...]

Spring is here, and with it a slew of wonderful American Craft Endeavors shows to help you stay in the spirit of springtime. Those of you who have visited one of our amazing craft festivals in Downtown Sarasota know that this is a great opportunity for families to get their exposure to handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces in an outdoor-gallery style showing, while purchasing great finds that they can take home for [...]

Hyde Park Village is one of our favorite places on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Located near the shores of Hillsborough Bay, Hyde Park Village boasts beautiful shops, delectable restaurants and entertainment for the whole family. This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, March 22-23 from 10-5, Howard Alan Events presents another first-rate art festival featuring some of the most talented artists in the country as well as entertainment, food and fun for the [...]

This weekend American Craft Endeavors, together with its sister division, Howard Alan Events, brings you hundreds of talented crafters, painters, sculptors, textile artists, jewelry makers, potters, photographers and much more for an incredible show that has become a staple of the Coral Springs community. The 10th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts is happening this Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 at The Walk in Coral Springs, where you and [...]

  This weekend is one of those weekends we love here at Howard Alan Events. Not only are we putting on one exciting outdoor juried art festival, we’re putting on two incredible shows. That means two opportunities this weekend for artists, crafters and patrons to meet each other and experience the unifying power of art together. What’s even more exciting for us is that we get to share one of [...]

All this week, we’ve been giving you the inside scoop on how David Fernandez creates his clay art putters. We’ve been going through each step while telling you a little bit about the Art Fest by the Sea in Jupiter/Juno Beach. This weekend’s art festival, hosted by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, has become a two-day tradition to kick off spring in South Florida. David Fernandez is [...]

This weekend, at the Art Fest by the Sea, hosted by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, David Fernandez will be giving away one of these beautiful putters as part of the Featured Art Giveaway. There is no purchase necessary to enter, but you must be present at the festival for a chance to win. Just visit David’s booth at the Art Fest by the Sea in Jupiter/Juno [...]

Have you been to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea? It’s on a barrier island in the stretch between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, about 30 miles from Miami. It exemplifies everything about Florida’s Gold Coast: breathtaking, relaxing and fun. And for 18 years, American Craft Endeavors has been taking it all in by bringing the country’s best crafters to the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea area for a craft festival you will never forget. Bring your [...]

If you play golf, you already know that your putter is one of the most important, if not THE most important, tool in your collection. While your putter type depends on what you’re trying to accomplish in your game, the putter head can be custom made to be a unique representation of you as a golfer. Enter David Fernandez, innovative clay artist and our featured artist for this weekend’s Art [...]

How do you make the perfect custom golf putter? Only someone like celebrated artist and inventor of the Precision Putter, David Fernandez, would know. In our first of a four-day blog series, we’re sharing with you how our Featured Artist for the Art Fest by the Sea in Jupiter/Juno Beach creates his one-of-a-kind custom golf putters from clay. As an avid golfer and an artist of 40 years, David Fernandez [...]

This weekend, American Craft Endeavors is proud to announce the debut of a new craft festival in the wonderful Florida town of Port St. Lucie! We are so excited to be bringing you the Downtown Tradition Craft Festival this Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. at the Town Hall Square in Tradition Village. Open to the public and absolutely free for everyone to attend, we know the Downtown Tradition [...]

Before we tell you about the exciting things going on this weekend, we have great news: WE HAVE REACHED 2,000 FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM! Thank you so much to you, our Instagram Street Team, for being a part of this journey with us. We certainly could not have done it without YOU! Keep sharing your photos from our art festivals and using the festival tags so we can follow your experience [...]

We are heading to Lake Sumter Landing this weekend for The Villages Craft Festival, where you’ll meet over 100 crafters and artists who want to share their work with you and your family. Are you ready for the experience? It’s happening Sat. and Sun. from 10 am to 5 pm at the beautiful waterfront area located in The Villages. Are you ready for a gorgeous, fun-filled weekend in Lake Sumter [...]

We’re fast approaching March — can you believe it??? We really hit the ground running this year with absolutely spectacular shows that have truly reinforced why Howard Alan Events is one of the premier art festival producers in the U.S. The best part? THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! Up next, we’re heading to beautiful Stuart, Florida for the 24th Annual Downtown Stuart Art Festival, where we will gather with over [...]

  Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Will you be celebrating with your sweetheart this weekend at the Downtown #DunedinCraftFestival? We definitely will be, and believe us when we tell you that there’s a lot more to this quaint little area that meets the eye. Planning a sweet mini-getaway to Dunedin with your love this weekend? You’re not alone. This small area in the Gulf coast is a coveted spot for couples [...]

Valentine’s Day Instagram! Get ready for the Downtown Sarasota Festival of the Arts! We’re excited to see you there this Valentine’s weekend and we’d love for you to show off your sweetie at the art festival! You’ll be able to find everything from gorgeous framed artwork to amazing jewelry and just about everything in between — in other words, the perfect gifts for your beloved this Valentine’s season. You’ll also [...]

WHAT WE DO International Cut Coins creates beautiful hand cut jewelry out of coinage from countries around the world. OUR BUSINESS HISTORY International Cut Coins started in Sacramento, California, and has been creating cut coin jewelry by hand for over 35 years, with more than a quarter million pieces sold. Cutting coins is perfectly legal. Section 331, title 18 of the U.S. code, prohibits, among other things, the fraudulent alteration [...]

Savvy Sacs was created three years ago by Martiel Wallace and Lee Jung. Both being very interested in many types of arts and crafts this business was a perfect fit, especially since cycling is just a big sport in South Florida. The business at first was primarily bicycle bags but quickly grew into all sorts of other bags like purses, walker bags, green market bags, crayon bags, and accessories. Each [...]

Steve Burt is one of Florida’s top authors for teens and young adults. His FreeKs series about psychic and paranormal teen detectives has won three Mom’s Choice Gold Awards, the NY, Paris, London, San Francisco, and Hollywood Book Festival Awards, and a dozen others. His Stories to Chill the Heart series of book featuring Twilight-Zone-like short stories won him the world’s top horror prize for young readers, the Bram Stoker [...]

When I was in junior high school in New York City I had to take woodworking class. I enjoyed working with wood and it laid dormant for 50 years. About seven years ago, in semi-retirement, I started making fiddle bow knives and selling them at arts and craft shows. Then I got the idea to make a matching fiddle cutting board to go with the knife as a set. It [...]

The images I create are a product of my past. An early passion for watercolors influences my selection of papers, as well my style and compositions, while my parents, studies in biology and art provided my interest in nature and landscapes as my subjects. Later, my career in technology and quality assurance provided me with the skills and knowledge to utilize the digital camera, software, printers and color management process [...]

I admit it…most of my paintings are all about love….very mushy…very romantic…I guess that describes me, too! There is enough dark art out there…I love to create loving, happy art…art that may uplift your spirits and bring joy to your heart…full of color and emotions that are easy to see. I paint every day, using mostly oils but sometimes pastels, and I usually have 2-3 paintings going on at once…so [...]

I have been a potter since 1972…doing juried craft shows around the country and selling to craft shops, galleries, department stores, and historical sites nationwide. I work in porcelain throwing vases, bowls, and vessels in classical, elegant shapes. I hand letter sayings about family, friends, love, and wisdom in black underglaze under a clear glossy glaze. Over the years I have created many custom pieces for weddings, anniversaries, and other [...]

I find the craft of painting to be both humbling and inspiring…relaxing and invigorating. When I get an idea in my head and the runway of time to test it out, the hours can disappear into the canvas. Due to a breakneck working style (and a notoriously short supply of patience when it comes to watching paint dry!), virtually everything I paint is acrylic directly on canvas. I have exhibited [...]

Mark Watts Artist Bio: Mark attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and Temple University, Tyler Campus in Philadelphia. He has been creating great works of art for the past 30 years. Now with two studios, one in the rolling hills of Bucks County Pennsylvania and one in Sunny South Florida. Mark has worked for clients such as Walt Disney, Budweiser, The Rolling Stones, Warner Brothers Pictures, [...]

Come and explore these one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces and enjoy wearing them for years to come. As a self-taught jewelry artist for over 10 years, my unique jewelry designs have been honored at several art shows up and down the east coast. Each one of my handcrafted crocheted pieces are created with the finest gemstones, pearls, crystals, silver and gold to ensure great quality in every piece. My work [...]

Presently living in High Springs, Florida, Tina Corbett has devoted her life to her love of art. She studied Commercial Art at Miami Lakes Tech and served as the Postal Art Illustrator for the South Florida District Post Office for 17 years until her move to northern Florida. There she has decided to pursue her first love, Fine Art Oil Painting. This area of Florida has inspired her creativity with [...]

The next couple of weeks will be a hustle for us; we’ll no doubt be roaming from store to store, searching for that perfect gift for our significant others. Here’s an idea, though: Why not skip the mall and head to the 20th Anniversary Siesta Key Craft Festival this Saturday and Sunday 10-5 at the beautiful Siesta Key Village in Sarasota, Florida? With over 100 crafters and artists sharing their [...]

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day yet? Forget all the talk about it being a “Hallmark” holiday. At Howard Alan Events, we’re in the mood for love, and we’re sharing the love with you at the 8th Annual Coconut Point Art Festival, where patrons will have a chance to enter not one, but TWO Featured Artist Giveaways in honor of the loveliest holiday there is. Intrepid by Werner Holzbaur First, [...]

Last week we asked you about becoming a member of the American Craft Endeavors Instagram Street Team. But what does that mean? Now that we’re heading into February — month of love, romance and awesome craft festivals here at American Craft Endeavors — we thought we’d take a second to tell you how you can be a part of the Instagram Street Team starting this weekend at the Downtown Delray [...]

Howard Alan Events prides itself in showcasing only the very best talent in the U.S. at our outdoor, juried art gallery shows, this weekend’s Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts will certainly be no exception. We have over 100 artists, sculptors, painters, jewelry designers, potters and more just ready to share their excellent pieces of original art. And believe us when we say that there is something for everyone: If [...]

What is your favorite kind of craft? At American Craft Endeavors, we consider ourselves so fortunate to be able to link patrons of our shows with some of the most gifted people in the country, people that make it difficult for us to choose favorite crafts. From sculptors and potters to jewelry makers and soap creators, the quantity and quality of the talent found at an ACE show is incomparable. [...]

We’re heading to St. Armands Circle in Sarasota this weekend for the 11th Annual St. Armand Art Festival, friends, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there. We have another great show planned for you, and an awesome Featured Art Giveaway featuring the art of talented painter Jennifer Ardolino, who is giving away her gorgeous piece, “Circles.” Be sure to stop by booth #89 this weekend and enter the [...]

We told you we’d be starting 2014 with a bang! I mean, can you even keep up? So far, we’ve had some pretty amazing shows — First, Las Olas, then a double-feature weekend with the Downtown Dunedin Art Festival AND the 27th Annual Boca Fest, and we still have the 25th Anniversary Downtown Delray Beach Festival of the Arts this weekend and the 11th Annual St. Armands Circle Art Festival [...]

Have you checked out our American Craft Endeavors Pinterest yet? We create boards for every show that we put on, and this week we put together an exceptionally wonderful Pinterest board. What better way to show you what we have in store for you than to share beautiful pics from some of the most celebrated crafters in the country? Whether you’re looking for the perfect set of jewelry, a captivating [...]