We are asked many questions daily about our art festivals, which is why we created a list of these questions with thorough answers. They are very helpful!

1. When is the deadline for your shows?

We do not have deadlines for most of our shows. If an event does have a deadline, it will be clearly posted. Shows will close, however, when we reached a maximum number of artists for the space we have available.

2. What do I need to submit to be in one of your shows?

Click HERE.

3. What if I don’t have an outdoor display picture?

You must submit an outdoor display picture in order for your application to be processed. It is required! Also, it must be consistent with the booth you have at the shows. Remember, your display is just as important as your work!

4. How do I know if my work is fine art or craft?

If you are unsure what category your work falls under, you can send in your photos/slides to be reviewed. Please include: a letter explaining you are unsure about the category of your work, a biography & a self-addressed envelope to return your images.

5. How does the wait list work?

When you apply for a show that is already closed, you have the option of applying for wait list. On the application, you can check “wait list”.

6. When will I hear about shows that I am wait listed for?

Most likely, you will not know until the week of the show. We suggest that if you are on the wait list, to contact at us the beginning of the week prior to the show.


If you would like to see more questions answered, click HERE.

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