On Monday, we gave 2D artists insight about how to make their booth display top tier. Now, we want to give advice to 3D artists, which include: pottery, ceramic, raku, glass, wood, etc.

There are some details that are the same for both 3D art displays and 2D art displays. For example:

1. NO tables.

2. Must have weights for your tent poles.

3. No hand-written signs.

4. You must have panels (walls) in your booth that are covered with fabric or carpeting.

4a. NO wire walls.

Now, here are some more suggestions we have specifically for our 3D artists:

1. Situate your art work at different levels.

1a. Use pedestals that are painted nicely. They should enhance your work!

1b. If you do not have pedestals, use attractive shelving.

3D Display

Above, this picture represents an excellent 3D booth display. If you would like to see more examples, click HERE.

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