For the first time ever at the Annual Boca Fest, Howard Alan Events presents the Demonstrating Masters Art Fair. During the Demonstrating Masters Art Fair, selected artists will be demonstrating how they make their masterpieces. Patrons will be able to see first-hand how these artists create their work.

Recently, Marci Shatzman from the Boca Raton Forum interviewed two of the artists who will be participating at the Demonstrating Masters Art Fair at the 24th Annual Boca Fest on January 8th & 9th, 2011.

This edition of the Boca Raton Forum will have a feature story on artists PJ Commerford & Karen Heuton. It will be available on January 5, 2011!

First, we have PJ Commerford

PJ Commerford creating her beautiful artwork.

PJ Commerford: Mixed Media

PJ Commerford: Mixed Media

PJ Commerford‘s artwork is known as “ridiculously beautiful art”, which is most certainly true. It’s notable for its opulent striking color, crystal detailing and grand scale. You can visit her website by clicking HERE.

Next, Karen Heuton was the second artist who was interviewed for the feature story in the Boca Raton Forum…

Karen Heuton: Acrylic

Karen Heuton: Acrylic

Karen Heuton

Karen uses acrylic paints, gels, pastels & varnishes to create her beautiful and timeless masterpieces. If you would like to see her website, click HERE.

Don’t forget to check the Boca Raton Forum that will be out on January 5th!

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