At an art or craft festival, there is not much time to attract a customer as they are walking by your booth. Your booth needs to get their attention right away! Here are what the customers could be deciding as they are walking by…

1. “Does your booth look fun and exciting?”

Is your booth inviting? It should resemble your artistic personality. For booth examples, click HERE.

2. “Do you look approachable?”

You should not be standing in the back of your booth hoping for customers to come to you. Stand actively near the front, so customers can easily find you. Also, make sure you have on a “happy face”.

3. “Do they need this artwork?”

After the patron looks at you, they are going to look at your artwork. Whether or not they “need” to buy your artwork could be based on your persona!

4. “Do they want this artwork?”

Of course they want your artwork! If a customer is admiring your work, make sure you talk to them about it. Receiving a little extra information about a particular item could lead to a sale.

5. “Does your artwork sell well?”

Whether or not you are having the best show you have ever had, always tell your customer that sales have been great. Remember, positivity will greatly affect the situation. Like we said in a previous blog post, a happy artist makes a happy customer.

"Sweet Success"

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