This year at the 24th Annual Boca Fest, we are going to have a specific designated area where artists can demonstrate their artwork to the art lovers who pass through the festival.

Artists will be given ample room (12×18) to sell and demonstrate their work in a prime area. This will be a great way for artists to interact with their customers.

Patrons will be able to see first-hand how their favorite artists create their masterpieces. Also, artists who demonstrate will be provided with extra media attention. This part of the Boca Fest will be known as the Demonstrating Masters Art Fair!

Boca Fest

To be a demonstrator in the art festival, you will need to bring your medium supplies. (Example: If you are a painter, then you would bring paints and an easel. If you are a jeweler, then you would bring wire, tools, gems, or any other materials you may use.) If you need electric, you may bring an odorless, quiet generator.

Additionally, if you are interested, please write a brief description of how you are going to demonstrate along with what you plan on bringing on your application. It will be needed for the jurying process. (You can find applications HERE.)

If you are already in the 24th Annual Boca Fest, please contact us if you are interested in being a part of the Demonstrating Masters Art Fair!

Painter demonstrating her technique.

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