We all know that when you submit an application to be juried into a Howard Alan Events Art Festival or an American Craft Endeavors Craft Festival, that your photos really matter. It is what the jury uses to score your artwork!

So, we wanted to give you some guidance on how to make your photos turn out the best that they possibly can!

First, you could hire a professional photographer. However, that could be costly, but at least your results are guaranteed.

Next, we have a few other suggestions for you:

(1) Equipment: Purchase a good quality digital camera.

(2) Lighting: We suggest to avoid any direct sunlight. The best type of light would be on an overcast day. Although, most digital cameras take care of the lighting for you!

(3) Backdrop: You do not want to use just any type of background. We suggest using a neutral background. Fabric would be acceptable.

(4) Taking the Picture: Make sure the picture is high resolution. If it isn’t high resolution, the printing quality will be poor.

Heidi Barron: Glass Sculpture

Above, is a great example of a perfect photograph of a piece of artwork!

We hope you found this information helpful. Please feel free to comment on what works best for you!

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