Over the past week, we have supplied information about how to enhance displays with artists who have 2D or 3D artwork. Now, we want to give some guidance for those who hand-make their own jewelry.

Just like the other two types of displays, the jewelry display is consistent with these suggestions:

1. NO tables.

2. Must have weights for your tent poles.

3. NO hand-written signs.

4. You must have panels (walls) in your booth that are covered with fabric or carpeting.

4a. NO wire walls.

Now, here are suggestions we have for jewelry displays:

1. Avoid velvet necks.

2. Use wood or mica units that can support a display case. This is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will make the display look fabulous!

Jewelry Display

The picture above explains everything perfectly without words! If you would like to see more examples, click HERE.

We hope you found this helpful.

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