In a recent blog, we talked about where you can find new & used tents along with panels/walls. Now, we want to inform you how to make your own jewelry display cases and/or buy pedestals!

If you are looking to save yourself some time, then ordering pedestals would be best for you.

The company, Pro Panels, also sells pedestals. These can be used to make a beautiful jewelry display. Click HERE for the Pro Panel website.

Pedestal from Pro Panels

Now, here is how you can make your own jewelry display pedestals/cases.

This is the list of supplies: cardboard, craft knife, ruler, craft glue, paintbrush & velvet (or a different type of nice material).

Next, follow these instructions:

(1) Gather cardboard boxes. The amount and sizes you collect depends upon your display needs.

(2) Remove the bottom of the boxes with a utility knife to make shadow boxes. This will give your display a modular look.

(3) Clip pieces of thin velvet (or other fabric) with a craft knife (don’t forget to use a ruler to make sure it’s even). Use a paintbrush to paint the craft glue onto the backside of the fabric.

(4) Press the fabric on to the face of the cardboard side with the glue. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

(5) Arrange the boxes in a variety of ways using different sizes. Decide what arrangement you like best.

Believe it or not, there are several artists who have used this method and their jewelry display turned out BEAUTIFUL!

We hope you found this information helpful! Please share your own suggestions!

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