We are proud to introduce to you… Kathryn Page! Kathryn will be joining us this weekend at the 23rd Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part I.

Kathryn shared with us a story that we felt was very interesting. It involves the Las Olas Art Fair! Read below:

One year ago during the Las Olas show, my first customers were an English couple who were at the show killing time upon waiting for the purchase of their new yacht from the Boat Show that was co-incidentally occurring at the same time. They were walking to the intercoastal  waterway to catch the water taxi when they discovered my colorful booth.  Attracted to the tropical colors of  blues, purples and pinks of the Carribean, they purchased several pieces of my wearable art silks.

One month later, I received a call from Bermuda, a excited lady named Rosa was expressing her delight upon opening her X-mas gifts early and discovering the beautiful silks. That Thanksgiving weekend I received a special call from Rosa.  She had received my latest package including a wonderful large picture hat which she eagerly tried on and while prancing around her grounds overlooking the ocean, that very moment the Queen of England drove by  Rosa’s estate with the guards leading the way driving her royal carriage along Rosa’s pathway.  Rosa was so proud to wave wearing my hat, the Queen waved back, making a lasting impression for her.

This has been an uplifting encounter and was possible due to the Las Olas venue drawing the most diverse crowd of people from all parts of the world.  I am so proud to be part of this excitement and hope to always put in my best performance on this world-class stage.”

What a fabulous story! Here are some pictures of Kathryn’s great artwork:

Kathryn Page: Clothing

Kathryn Page: Clothing

To view her website, click HERE.

We look forward to having Kathryn in the show this weekend.

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