We wanted to point out a pair of amazingly talented artists who also market themselves very well. For an artist, it is crucial to market yourself as well as your product. You want to attract and connect with as many customers as possible.

We would like to introduce to you: Leslie Belcher and Shelley Harper.

Leslie Belcher & Shelley Harper


They create the most beautiful jewelry, which is made from contemporary art glass. Their company is called Accessoreez.

Beautiful Necklace

They are very involved when it comes to their online marketing. Their website is phenomenal! You can check it out HERE.

On their website, you will find:

(1) Schedule – A list of the art festivals they will be exhibiting in.

(2) Products – Where anyone can examine and purchase necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.

(3) Social Networks – They are active in Facebook, Twitter & their Blog. The name of their blog is “Road Wayz“.

(4) “Hollywood Starz” – They creatively made a page where famous people are shown wearing their jewelry.

(5) About – Of course they have an “About the Artists” page along with a “Contact Us” page.

Leslie and Shelley’s website along with their social networking make them “Marketing Masters” in our eyes. So, if you are an artist looking to improve your marketing efforts, you should take a look at what Leslie & Shelley have done.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I would like to thank Howard Alan events for this great post!!! It is so important to connect to your clients, especially in this economy. I have to say, HAE have done an excellent job in their marketing efforts over the last 2 years. They have truly embraced Social Media & are active on FB & twitter & they have a great blog. Two thumbs up from the accessoreez team!!!!!

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