Aaron Coleman has a very extraordinary story that we would love to share with you. Additionally, we are very excited to have Aaron as one of our exhibitors in the 23rd Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part I on January 1st & 2nd, 2011!

From Aaron’s inspiring story, this quote holds true “When one door closes another one opens”. Here is the story he has posted on his website and in his booth at art festivals:

“My work represents an official breakaway from the predictable path that I had been indoctrinated to follow. This linear path was shattered into a web of possibilities in August of 2008 when I got my now clichéd pink slip. I was free; free to own my own mind, at least until that next job came around the corner. Of course weeks turned into months and the over two years of ‘owning my own  mind.’ Some rewiring occurred. It turns out I’m an artist… damn it! And not the kind of artist that you can take and put through four years of college and then expect to sit at a computer for a decade until that middle management position opens up. No! You can’t tame this creativity and manage it into schedules and profit margins. I’m a bonefide stay up all night, exhilarated-paint flinging creative maniac. You can’t cage this soul! So I say thank you Mr. Goldman and Mr. Sachs, Freddie, Fannie, and Sallie, and the late Lehman brothers; thank you for helping forge the hammer that shattered my predictable path and reminding who I am as a human being. I hope my work can be an inspiration to the viewer to follow their own passions in life; enjoy the ride.”

Aaron Coleman: Paintings

This is definitely an uplifting story for everyone! If you would like to view Aaron’s website, click HERE.

Keep a look-out for more unique artist stories as we approach the end of this year and the beginning of 2011!

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