We are very excited that Julio Garcia will be joining us for the 4th Annual Downtown Delray Beach Holiday Time Art & Craft Festival in Delray Beach, Florida on December 26th & 27th. Like we mentioned before, we will be posting unique artist stories about artists who will be exhibiting in this show!

Julio Garcia was raised on a 5,000 acre farm in Mexico. The Indians and Russians rented the land from his family to mine gold. It was among these widely different groups of people where Julio grew up with the desire to paint.

At first, painting for Julio was done for fun. Then, it became an obsession. He has paintings that date back to when he was only five years old!

Here are some incredible pictures of his artwork:

Julio Garcia: Mixed Media

Julio Garcia: Mixed Media

Julio Garcia: Mixed Media

We look forward to having Julio Garcia in the art festival in Downtown Delray Beach.

Please note that this particular art festival will be on Sunday & Monday!

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