With the 23rd Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part I just a little over a week away, it is time to introduce to you another fantastic artist who will be exhibiting in the show on January 1st & 2nd, 2011!

And we present to you, the unique story of Lorrie Dallek:

Lorrie started exploring photography over 30 years ago after being exposed to it by a friend.  She purchased her first camera after graduating from college and used it intermittently.  Perhaps it was her “good eye” as others described her work that drew her to this form of communication and self expression.

Six years ago Lorrie chose to leave corporate America and pursue her true passion, photography.  As such, Lorrie felt that it would be best to receive additional training.  Living at home after many years on the road was important to Lorrie. While advertising was not her end goal, she felt that the spirit at the Image Program of the Creative Circus best matched her style and a good place to advance her skills.

After graduating from the Creative Circus, Lorrie knew that she loved the ethno-centric side of her work but also felt compelled to use her new found skills.  In response, Lorrie built a studio in Atlanta where when not traveling, she does advertising work for small business owners.

Over the years of shooting, Lorrie she saw an enormous amount of abject poverty and suffering often “around the corner” from where she shot beautiful and exotic imagery.  At first, Lorrie only printed and sold her more commercially appealing work from her “Distant Places” Portfolio through Art Galleries and Art Festivals.   All the while, the darker images stayed on her computer.

Lorrie Dallek: Photography

But the words “put your photography to good use” kept resonating in Lorrie’s mind.  Lorrie felt that she that she wanted to have more impact in her life.  She believed that she could help others using her compassionate photography skills.

At home in the US and abroad, Lorrie gives a portion of her time to NGO’s (Non Government Organizations) and non-profit organizations.  She has taught inner-city at risk kid’s photography and presently photographs for community out reach programs.

Lorrie Dallek: Photography

It’s so awesome to see an artist who gives back using their talent! If you would like to see Lorrie’s website, click HERE.

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  1. Chase your dreams. That’s an important message for people to hear. I’m glad Lorrie followed her dream. She’s an inspiration to others to do the same.

    Jackson Dunes
    Pug At The Beach
    Delray Beach, Florida, USA

    Chased my dreams from rural New Hampshire to live in a cottage “At The Beach.”

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    It’s true, I am really doing my passion-photography & helping others at the same time. While I am not getting rich, I can tell you that I have a very “rich life”. I am truly happy and extremely grateful to have born in the US. We ALL have a very privileged life in every way imaginable.

    Merry Christmas to All.

    Hope to meet you all in January.

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