What do YOU think? Should you reuse photos for juried Art Festivals?

This is what we think about this topic:

1. You want to give the jury the best impression as possible with your artwork and your booth display. If you have created new work and have a better display, show that in your pictures!

2. To save time, we believe you should update your pictures once a year. That way, the jurying committee has a fresh look at your work and your display, but at the same time, you are not constantly updating your photos.

3. When you don’t update your photos, this will give the jury a blurred idea of the current artwork you are producing. Perhaps you have improved your artwork and booth display since the last time you took photos. This may be detrimental to your overall juried score!

We would love to hear any opinions you have on this topic!

Fantastic Professional Photo : Artist - Patricio Ferreira

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