Attention Crafters!!

Our 2012 Craft Festival Applications are now live on Zapplication (from February 2012-December 2012)! Now, you have a choice of how you want to apply – you can mail in the application OR apply on Zapp! For those of you who are new to Zapp, we have helpful instructions below:

First, you need to set up an account with Zapplication by visiting

When you apply to a show, you will upload 3 photos of your work and 1 photo of your booth display.

There will be a jurying fee when you apply on Zapplication, but there will not be a jurying fee if you mail in the application.

After your application has been juried and you have been “invited” to the show, an email will be sent to you. In this email, we explain to you: if you accept our invitation to exhibit – either a deposit in the amount of $50.00 will need to be sent in immediately or the entire show fee. The payment towards the show is what reserves your space!

*As a reminder, we do not accept regular paper applications through the fax and/or e-mail. You will need to mail it in to us via “snail mail”.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 561-746-6615 or

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