Perhaps you did not receive the answer you were looking for when you applied to one of our art festivals. Maybe you were not accepted to an art festival, however, this does not mean that you should give up.

If you are not accepted to an art festival, the jury provides the notes why you were not accepted which are then sent back to you with your application. The most common reason for a rejection is not the artwork – but the display! You are always more than welcomed to give us a call in the office for help on how to improve your display.

Once you have made the suggested changes to your booth – you may send in your application to re-apply! We have had many artists who have successfully re-applied and were accepted the second time around.

Beautiful Display

The same goes for Zapp – if you status is “not invited” – give us a call! You may have a chance to re-apply with different images. An artist should be proactive with their application status!

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