“Can we leave our art work overnight in our tent during the art festival?”

Many times when a new artist calls us for information – almost always one of the questions regards being able to leave their work overnight. We thought it would be a great idea to reach out to some veteran artists to give you some answers!

“I zip up the tent and walk away. Since I have large paintings with frames, the less I handle them, the better. The frames are very delicate and will easily get scratched. They are also very heavy! As far as moisture, I haven’t had any issues. Sometimes, I cover the bins in the tent with tarp, if the weather looks bad. Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems with theft.” -Jennifer Ardolino, Watercolor Artist

“‘Knock on wood (my head),’ we’ve usually left our paintings in the booth at night and have had minimal issues. I think the only exception would be if we REALLY felt uncomfortable in the area, and then we probably wouldn’t be there in the first place, or if the weather forecast was for a strong front/thunderstorms. ¬†We do take all of our electronics, credit card processing machine, cash box, and anything else that is difficult to replace.” -Diana Ahrens, Mixed Media Artist

FYI – We always have overnight security at our shows! However, if you are new to the Art Festival Circuit, we suggest you ask your neighbors at the show what they do!

Our First Art Festival of the Year - Coconut Point!

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