What is the most common mistake when artists mail their applications in? Well…

One of the most common mistakes is when artists forget to include the late fee in the total amount of the show. Our rule is this: if you apply to a show that is under 30 days away, then you must include the $50 late fee in the total amount of the show fee. However, if the application is date-stamped exactly 30 days prior to the show – then you do not have to include the late fee (even though we will receive it under 30 days).

Another common mistake is not including the $15 jurying fee with the application. Remember, a $15 jurying fee must be included per show.

Lastly, many times an artist forgets to separate the deposits of the shows in separate checks (if you chose to not pay with a credit card). All shows must be paid with separate checks. Only the jury fees can be lumped into one check.

Before the Winter Season begins, we strongly encourage our artists to refresh themselves of how to apply. You can take a look HERE. Remember, when you don’t include everything in your application – this only holds up the jurying process!

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  1. Geoff Coe says:

    Love the blogging and Facebook-ing and tweeting…HAE is leading the industry in this regard.
    I would go a step further with your suggestion and say: “Just use Zapplication, folks…it’s so quick and easy to manage, you’ll never go back to paper checks.”

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