Take advantage of the 24th Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part I to build your customer email database.  Develop a loyal following, keep in touch and you could have lifelong customers. Customers who enter your booth and like your work might not be ready to buy now but down the road they will.  Using email newsletters is a great way to stay in touch with your client base in between shows.  You can keep them updated on new projects, show appearances, website updates and more.

Here are some tips to start your email marketing list at your next show:

1) Stop by a bookstore or office supply store and pick up a nice journal with lined paper and a pen.  Make it easy for the customer and don’t ask for too much information, usually just name and email address.  Make a note of the show at the end.

2) Once you get home there are many options that make it very easy to keep in touch and look professional. Sign up for an account with an email newsletter company like Constant Contact (www.constantcontact.com), Mad Mimi (www.madmimi.com) or Mail Chimp (www.mailchimp.com).

3) Grab a calendar and create your email marketing calendar for the next six months to a year. Mark down all of the art fairs or gallery shows you are participating in.  Next decide if you want to send out your newsletter weekly, monthly or seasonally.  Usually less is more, if you can send updates monthly or seasonally that would be best.  People can opt in for your newsletter and they can also opt out, which will happen if you send them too many newsletters without good content.

4) Now you have your list and your schedule but what are you going to send them?  Keep it simple, people are busy and will usually not read lengthy newsletters.  Always give something to your customers, whether it is pictures of a new project, your upcoming schedule, include a small paragraph about your creative process, many enjoy hearing how an artist creates their work.  Always include your website, Facebook page, Twitter, email and contact information. Make your newsletter you own with your voice.  Use pictures of your art throughout, mention any happy buyer stories and where they hung your art, was it a perfect fit for a first time homebuyer, or a young collector’s first piece. Keep a notebook around to record things throughout your day that might be good for your newsletter.  If you have any questions you can always contact the experts at Howard Alan Events. For thirty years they have produced some of the finest Juried Art Shows in the nation and they have a commitment to helping their artists succeed.

Las Olas Art Fair : January 2011

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