It’s a New Year, and a chance to start 2012 off by committing yourself to employing the very best marketing techniques to connect with customers, capture important information, and increase sales.

Buying a piece of art is an investment. The sale of your fine work far exceeds a financial investment on behalf of the patron. The purchase is also an investment in a relationship. Fostering good relations with patrons is crucial to not only making a sale, but to gaining a long-term customer.

Before each show, make yourself a marketing checklist to ensure you are getting maximum exposure during the show. A few minutes of prep time can make a huge difference.

***On the Thursday prior to the show, log on to and find your space number.

***Post a photo of your work and your space number on our facebook page so that people know where to find you.

***Send out an e-blast to your mailing list telling them the show dates, times, and where to find you.

Make sure you bring your marketing tool kit that includes:

  • A contact sheet with room enough to capture the complete contact information of patrons that visit your booth. (To encourage people to sign up for your mailings, consider a gimmick. You can have a monthly raffle for a piece of your work or a discount coupon, use your imagination.)
  • Business cards that include all pertinent information: your website, facebook page, email address, telephone number, and your medium.
  • A stack of connoisseur guides (we provide these for you to distribute to patrons so that they know what shows you are participating in)
  • Plenty of pens and paper

When you are at the show, be engaging. Answer questions, explain your process, foster a warm and inviting environment where patrons feel welcome and at ease. Always remember that patrons are there to see you and your work. Don’t miss an opportunity to build your client base and increase your sales!

A lot can happen between a patron taking your business card and the time when they are ready to purchase your work. Be proactive in gathering their contact information so you can remain in control of the conversation. By sending out emails that include information about your work and what shows you are participating in, patrons are more apt to attend if they know you will be there.

Example of Contact Sheet

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