Becoming an established artist takes time, patience and talent! This blog post is going to be for those artists who are novices in the art festival world.

1. Believe in yourself and stay positive!

If you don’t think your artwork is the best that there is, then why would a customer want to buy it? You must have faith in your artwork and know that YOU are the expert! Additionally, your attitude can have a huge affect on your customers. We’ve heard stories from customers who bought artwork because the artist was positive and uplifting.

2. Become a business.

Get business cards, licenses, etc. Like we said in a previous blog post, you must have business cards when you exhibit at an art festival. Additionally, research ways to market yourself. Here are some great suggestions: create a website, get involved with social networking sites, hand-out Howard Alan Events Connoisseur Guides (which will allow your customers to know where you exhibit your work) & have an address book at the festivals where you can collect customers’ information.

3. Build a name for yourself.

When you attend art festivals, make yourself known for what you do. Find your niche. For example, Debbie Flowers, from Loxahatchee, Florida, has established herself as a potter. Each unique piece comes handpainted in bright Key West colors or in lively Palm Beach earth tones:

Susan Painter: Pottery

Do you have advice? Share it below! We would love to hear from our established artists who already exhibit in our art festivals.

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