Step 1 Get Organized and Set Goals!

How much money are you spending on late fees, higher rates due to last minute planning or missing out on shows because you missed the deadlines?  It is time to start with a calendar, get the style you are most comfortable with, Google has a great online calendar and it is free, or if you don’t have regular  access to a computer head to the office supply store and buy a large 8 1/2 ” x 11″ pretty calendar and a pretty folder, you will be looking at it a lot so you might as well make it look good.  Sit down and write in all of the dates you are already confirmed, then look online ( to see what summer festivals you are interested in.  All Howard Alan Events Festivals do not have  deadlines but close when the show is full,  you want to apply as early as possible to secure your spot.  Jewelry is a popular medium that fills up quickly so make sure to apply early for the shows you wish to participate in. Keep all of the flyers and print applications in your pretty folder with your calendar and a pen so it is all in one place and ready to go when you receive your acceptance information.  Start researching affordable hotels in the areas.  Now it is time to brainstorm and write down a few goals you have for your upcoming shows.  Do you often linger in the back of your booth?  Make your goal to get out there and talk yourself up!  You work very hard creating your work, share it with people who want to hear about it! Engage the people who enter your booth, smile and be friendly, no need for high pressure sales but make sure to share a story or two.  When you are actively engaging your potential fans it will make step 3 much easier.

Step 2 Order Your Marketing Material!

Go online to Vistaprint, Overnight Prints or Moo and order some good looking business cards.  Use your creative artistic talent and include all of your contact information, website, Facebook, Twitter etc. as well as an image of your art.  All of these sites have the option to customize your business card with your own photos so pick a picture of one of your popular pieces that will look good on a business card size and order them.  If you want a larger image you can also order some postcards with a photo of your art and your contact information.  When you are brainstorming your booth layout make sure you include a convenient location for this marketing material to be prominently displayed.  While you are ordering your postcards, business cards and maybe even flyers consider a sign that has your name that can be displayed for all to see.

Step 3 Email List

Make it a priority to gather as many email addresses as you can.  In order to do this you must create a sign- in station in your tent that has a fabric or leather bound book, a pen, a table or stool, and a small sign that gives a Call To Action, such as “Sign Up For My Newsletter or List E-mail Address To Be Entered To Win a pack of note cards ” or whatever inexpensive “prize” you will offer.  Art Fair patrons may wish to get in touch with you after the show and you want to make it very easy to know who you are and how to get back in touch with you.  If you hand out your cards and have them sign up for your newsletters and updates you will be able to stay in touch with your potential customers.

What are your favorite tips for getting ready for a summer tour?  Check in on Facebook and let us know!

09/08-09/09 10th Anniversary Alexandria Festival of the Arts (Alexandria, Virginia)
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