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For many people a house just isn’t a home until they add their own personal touches and some quality artwork to enrich their walls.  We are very lucky at Howard Alan Events because we get to see so many beautiful pieces of artwork all year long.  We often get pictures from  patrons of artwork they found at one of our festivals proudly displayed on a wall that completes their look at home.  Whether it is that niche in the hallway that needs something wonderful or the space over the couch or bed, a visit to a Howard Alan Events Art Festival could match you with the piece of your dreams.  One of the benefits of purchasing a piece of artwork from one of our art festivals is that you get a chance to meet the artists.  If you enter a gallery or store to purchase some artwork you miss out on that connection, getting the story behind the piece and getting to know the artists as well as finding out you might have options to customize certain pieces.  One of our artists who has work in many homes and offices is Scott Menaul of Clearwater, FL.  www.menaul-art.com

Scott J. Menaul is an abstract artist with a unique creative process. His methods allow him to customize artwork, changing colors, dimensions and composition. Each work tells a story which varies from person to person.  “The most exciting artwork, in my opinion, is artwork that compels the viewer to participate in it; that is why I love abstract art,” says the artist.  Influenced by his interests in math and science Menaul’s work combines color, patterns and forms for unique images that never fail to impact the viewer.  Here is an example of Scott’s customizing process, he describes how he made one patron very happy.

Example Customization: Abstract Jungle

Abstract Jungle

One of our clients saw “Abstract Jungle” last month at an art festival in Chicago. She loved the piece, but it didn’t work in her living room. If it were square, and if it had green and orange; then it would work!

I told her, “No problem. Tell us what colors you need and we’ll change the artwork.” She called me later and said that the green was “Meadow Twilight 6006-8C.” We got the color swatch locally from the same supplier and changed the artwork using that green. We sent her a paper proof printed on the same printer that we use to print our canvases. She received the proof the next day and loved it.

We proceeded with the production of her custom colored canvas version of “Abstract Jungle” and shipped it the following week. We couldn’t get a photograph, but here is a 3D rendering of the color scheme.

Step-by-Step Customization Process

1. Look through our online gallery and choose your favorite pieces.

2. Send us your color information, such as paint colors, fabric samples, etc.

3. If possible, email us a picture of the room you want the artwork in.

4. Scott will create a concept for you and post it to a private web page. If you sent a picture, he’ll also place the artwork in the photo of the room so you can see if it fits well.

5. Once approved, you’ll be sent a color accurate paper proof so you can see it in your environment.

6. Once that’s approved, we’ll create the finished piece on canvas and ship it to you.

We are looking forward to working with you to create a custom piece that matches the colors, size, mood and style to enhance your home or office.

Still have questions? Call us at 877-257-9199.

Are you on Pinterest?  We are, check out our boards at http://pinterest.com/artfestivals/.  If you have a great story of finding a piece of art for your home from a Howard Alan Event Art Festival send a picture to nicole@artfestival.com, you will be featured on our Pinterest board and Facebook.

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