Create a Facebook Business Page for your Art.

Facebook gives artists a chance to engage and communicate with their fans like never before.  If you do not have a lot of experience with Facebook personally don’t worry, personal pages are set up to communicate with friends and family, you will want to create a business page and it is handled differently than a personal page. Here are some tips for using your Facebook Business Page to engage your fans.

  •   Set up your Business Fan Page to showcase your art.  The new timeline format is very visual, take advantage of the larger image sizes.  You will need a main image sized 851 x 315, your profile 180 x 180 and your tabs are 111 x 74.

  • When you begin posting sometimes it helps to create an editorial calender or a list of ideas to post about. You will want to include a mix of the types of things you post, ask questions, share stories about creating your art, post pieces that are in progress, maybe share a funny story from an art festival.  There are many ways to share little pieces throughout the week and engage with your fans. 

  • Let everyone know about  your Facebook page, include it on your business cards, in your monthly Newsletter emails, on flyers, everywhere you post your contact information include your Facebook page. 

  • Remember you want to use the page as a community, not a soapbox to tell people to buy your art.  It is a place of sharing images and ideas and also include  that you have art for sale but that should be secondary.  You should develop your “online voice” be friendly and communicate as you would in person but still remain professional.

  •  List your upcoming shows and post reminders prior to the event.  When you comment on other Facebook pages, Tag your page, you do this by typing the @ symbol before your page name (example @howardalanevents) and then a list will appear, select your name.  Make sure you tag  your page on Howard Alan’s Facebook page so we can then “Like” your page and add you to our list of artists to promote on our Facebook page!  If you need help with getting your page setup you can contact Nicole at,

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Canopy by Steve Vaughn





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