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All earrings are made from ladies wrist watch dials from 1940-1970’s. The Swarowski crystals are set in the rachet wheel from a watch. The little gold wheels are the balance gears from inside the watch. Earrings may be ordered in French wire hooks or Posts. All earrings backs are surgical steel hypoallergenic for sensitive ears. Each piece is unique, the giveaway earrings will be similar to those shown above.

About the Artist

Born in the state of New Jersey, living most of her adult life on the West Coast of Florida, Annmarie Siegel gets her inspiration by stopping time on hear beaches near her Florida home. Her mantra is, “Living in the moment and not by your wristwatch”. She expresses this way of life daily, and passes it on to all those she meets.

As an extremely inquisitive child, Annmarie would take apart just about everything she could get her hands on. Old tape recorders, appliances and cameras! However, her mother’s old jewelry was her passion. She would disassemble her mother’s brooches, pins and earrings to make up new designs. “I thought mine looked better”, she would tell the adults.

After taking apart one of her father’s favorite pocket watches, Annmarie found that there were many more treasured pieces inside that she could use to create with, she was then inspired by the shapes and saw that they were much more than just watch parts. She began to create recognizable things such as fish, owls and birds with the pieces. Since then, her obsession with constantly making new designs has become her livelihood.

Loving what she does, Annmarie finds it a challenge to find old pieces. “Our society is becoming such a digital society” she says. Annmarie chooses to “Live in the Moment”, with TIME on her side!

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