Join us this weekend in downtown Frisco for this spectacular art festival.

Saturday, July 7th, 2012 and Sunday July 8th, 2012


The 4th Annual Downtown Frisco Art Fair, the second stop on our Western Tour, houses crisp mountain air, beautiful vistas, and the nation’s top artists – creating the perfect event in the heart of downtown Frisco. 
Enjoy a weekend of true visual inspiration, as over 100 artists will showcase their works including glass, mixed media, paintings, jewelry, and pottery; providing all sorts of opportunities to appreciate – and purchase- art.  Beautiful scenery and so much more await you at this fun, admission-free outdoor art festival.  Unlike many of our other festivals, the town of Frisco lends a perfect backdrop to green art.  Some of the artists repurpose the materials they use in their creative process.  For example, Fiber Artist Cheryl Peterson of Denver, who makes shawls and other wearable art, repurposes yarn.  Other artists use reclaimed wood in their actual artwork or in the framing of their art; some restore or refurbish discarded or vintage frames.  Others use recycled materials including silver and gold in their jewelry designs, some paint on surfaces made from recycled materials including paper and even water bottles. Others make sure to steer clear of toxic paints and other materials containing formaldehyde or other objectionable ingredients.

Following is additional information from a few different artists about their green process.

Wolny, Margaret – Fort Collins, CO – Jewelry
My husband collects wine bottles from three local restaurants.  I make planters, night-lights, trays, and jewelry from them.   I also save my own glass scraps and use them to create jewelry.  One process I use involves a special high-temperature screen.  I place the scraps on it and heat it to 1700 degrees.  The glass melts through the screen to create new patterns and designs.  I then cut up the resulting glass into pendants or use it in bowls and plates.

Axton-Giddings, Joe & Giddings, Mari – Phoenix, AZ – Mixed Media
We use a lot of recycled materials, re-forged and re-purposed. We use nature and science to paint with rust and decay. Our materials include:   forged metals (steel, copper, brass), kiln-formed glass
and high-fire clay.

While you’re strolling the streets of Frisco, be sure to stop by and say hello to these featured, local artists.

Todd Powell- Photography

Kate Baer- Jewelry/Mixed Media

These are just a few of the artists who will be exhibiting this weekend in Frisco, Colorado.  We can’t wait to see you there!

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