There are many great American artists that we are fortunate to have contact with throughout the planning of the many art festivals and craft festivals that we organize here at Howard Alan Events. In recognition of American Artist Appreciation this month, we’ve decided to highlight some of the artists that inspire us with their dedication to their craft.  Today we feature Marcus Thomas.

Marcus Thomas is a quadriplegic watercolor artist who defies adversity through not only his own efforts, but the efforts of his supportive wife, Ann.  Marcus’ work is predominately nature oriented and reminiscent of his passion for the outdoors before his skiing accident. At an early age, Marcus’ adventures took him fishing, camping, rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, golfing, playing tennis and flying model airplanes with his dad. Due to his love of the outdoors, he obtained his degree in Commercial Recreation in 1985, with a goal of working in the tourism industry. Three months after landing his first professional position at a ski area, Marcus’ dream vanished as he skied into a tree breaking his neck and fourth cervical vertebra, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

After many months in rehabilitation, learning to use his new wheelchair and trying to stave off boredom, Marcus’ wife, Ann, gave him his first set of Crayola® Watercolors for Christmas. Twenty-five years later, Marcus celebrates his success showing his paintings, talking about his struggles and triumphs and lending an ear to people who are faced with debilitating injuries and diseases with the wish that they will take away a bit of his relentless belief in hope, strength and endurance and apply it to their lives.

Marcus’ passion for the outdoors remains evident in his work which ranges from his conservation series, landscapes, wildlife, songbirds to abstract designs. Marcus is an award winning artist and has created magnificent works of art for more than twenty-five years from his wheelchair. To learn more about Marcus Thomas and to view some of his work visit

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