Tim Parker’s paintings concentrate on Abstract and Abstract Figurative Art. They often take on their own lives and seem to paint themselves as he explores the interaction between texture, brush work, color, the human figure and other forms. The application of the paint itself can often be the main focus of the paintings. In his figurative work he tries to create paintings that exhibit a multi-depth abstract quality, intertwined with the expressive brush strokes and blocks of color, giving the painting multiple dimensions.

Tim Parker, the Principal Artist and owner of Art2D Gallery in Naples, Florida, also creates custom artwork in a variety of styles. He commissions paintings and Fine Art Prints done to each specific clients needs – Custom Color Palettes, Custom Sizes and Custom Subject Matter.

Tim Parker
Cell: (239) 595-9369

Studio Phone Number: (239) 595-9369
Email: tim@Art2D.com
Web: http://www.art2d.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Art2D

Learning to be the one with Blue

Blue Heron Sunset
Floating Graces

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