Handcrafted semi-precious gemstone jewelry, wrapped in sterling silver or 14K gold-fill wire. I personally create these one-of-a-kind pieces of art through my unique blend of semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver or wire. My collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

My creative process begins with selecting unusual materials – unexpected color stories and textures – then allowing those elements to “speak” to me as I construct the piece. I rarely sketch a design as I find that working in real time with natural elements enables the piece to reflect balance and movement that embodies the organic composition of say, a river bed or a bird’s nest. Using sterling silver wire, each element is meticulously selected and set in place with a wire wrapping technique that is uniquely my own. I make my own chain, and form my own head pins using silver wire and a small torch. The natural materials that I work with really are the starring voices in this musical and I compose the score in which they perform, excite, and hopefully surprise.

I have attended continuing education courses in Sculpture, Color & Design, and Art History at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, and Macomb Community College in Warren, MI. I have 15 years experience in Visual Merchandising and Display with various high-end retailers in the Detroit area. My passion in designing and creating jewelry began in 2007, and since then I have experienced much success through Art Shows and local galleries. I have also received several awards for my designs.

Carl Schneider
Email: carl@clschneider.com
Web: http://www.clschneiderl.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clschneiderhandcraftedjewelry

Necklace - Fossilized sponge coral and rock crystal on hand-made sterling silver chain.jpg
Necklace-Carnelian and Crazy Lace Agate with garnets and pearls on hand-made sterling silver chain.jpg
necklace-mixed chalcedony, carnelian, smokey quartz, and crazy lace agate on hand-made sterliing chain.jpg
necklace-crazy lace agate with carnelian and rock crystal on citrine choker.jpg
Necklace-Chalcedony and Quartz with Kyanite on hand-made sterling chain.jpg

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