An expert goldsmith and jeweler, Skip White has worked with gold, silver and gemstones since 1975. He was one of the earliest of the artisans and craftspersons who made a living selling their own artwork at outdoor festivals when the trend became popular in the late 70s and early 80s.

Moonstone White has made a living as a creative artist since 1981, working in a variety of media including painting, batiks and sculptured clay. Both have won many awards over the years at a variety of art festivals.

They met in 1984 while living in Colorado and doing art shows, when art shows hadn’t been around that long. At that time Skip was a well-known leather-smith who accented his artistic purses and briefcases with gemstone pieces set in silver. Moonstone was an award-winning batik artist that featured Native American Southwestern themes in her work.

They soon discovered a shared love of gemstones and minerals. Not long after they met, Moonstone encouraged Skip to expand his work with silver to include gemstone jewelry, a transition he has never regretted. In those days they could often be found traveling to gem and mineral or stopping at rock shops just to see what was there. In the 1990s they moved to Florida and eventually combined their creative talents to create jewelry that is uniquely elegant.

Today their jewelry is made using either construction or lost-wax casting techniques, or a combination of the two methods. Many of their gemstones have unusual cuts. Each piece is uniquely beautiful, set in either 14K gold or sterling silver. They use both precious and semi-precious gems, as well as freshwater pearls, turquoise, and star sapphires.

Skip White
Cell: (850) 217-3308
Studio Phone Number: (850) 217-9089
Email: skipwhite@bellsouth.net
Web: http://skipwhitejewelry.com


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  1. Joyce Peterson says:

    Hi Friends! When will you have a show down here in SW FL?
    We were late getting down here but would enjoy seeing you at a show. Joyce

  2. Sheila Otte says:

    I bought a clear stone in 14KT gold ring from you at the Bonita Springs Art Fair last spring which I LOVE. I’m looking for a pendant with a different shape stone (the ring is a brilliant cut). I paid $561.75 for the ring so I’m looking in that $ ballpark. The size of my stone looks like about 3-4 carats. You told me the stone was as close to a diamond as I’ll get and I love it.Your #3 picture has the same setting as my ring and I like the radiant style of the stone (only want it to look like a diamond. What can you come up with in yellow gold. I have a chain. Thanks so much. Sheila Otte 239-770-3091
    Can you call me.

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