Julie’s artistic career had a spiritual and enlightening beginning. Ever since she picked up her brushes after returning from a five year stay in Japan Julie has invented a unique style of Anti-conformist art, a marriage of a western perception of beauty and ancient eastern techniques. Julie’s fusion of these opposites has produced a completely original body of work which is both contemporary and timeless.

Julie’s art has been compared to the styles of Chinese master Qi Baishi, and her use of minimal brush and ink to the contemporary black ink styles of Zao Wou-Ki. Yet as you step into the paintings you feel a primordial connection to the European Masters. Julie has been able to evoke a sense of nirvana into her art. The viewer feel as if this is a beautiful images that she create are place they have been and that they alone have seen. It is this quality and uniqueness that has created the style of anti-conformist art.

As Julie developed her artistic skills, her paintings evolved into her own unique style, heavily influenced by other people, artists, cultures and life itself. She experimented with different styles and materials and evolving into the free flowing energetic art she creates today.

“…An important detail of Julie’s biography is, among others, her not being a “product” of present-day means of gaining fame and recognition. Talented and hard-working, Julie intentionally refused to go that way. Surprising as it may seem, Julie “has herself made her way”, or rather she was not doing anything special, she was just working. She doesn’t seek any support from state authorities, associations, funds, sponsors etc.

For artists who try to find their own way in art she is an example of a person whose honest and sincere work has brought her success and recognition The audience’s sensual and emotional sides respond to the real, the honest, the pure…”.

The key to success in any field is, to a large extent is a matter of dedication and commitment to the idea, practicing a specific task and a true love for what you’re doing. This is clearly why Julie’s art is so praiseworthy.

Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.

Jackson Pollock

Julie Keaten-Reed
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Studio Phone Number: (352) 250-4077
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