Nature has always been an important part of my life. Growing up, I could go to the woods, as close as across the street, and I could find peace and solitude, my center and my God.

I had the fortune to grow up near the mountains of Virginia, one of the most beautiful places in the world. But as I grew up, I watched more and more buildings go up. Where I could once walk all day without ever seeing a paved road became office buildings and malls. When I was 12 I went camping in an area where the nearest store was 10 miles away. When I was 35, that area was suburbia with housing developments and convenience stores on every corner. When I was 15 I played a small part in saving a piece of land from developers that I will always know as Burling Tract. Today it is known as Scott’s Run Nature Preserve and is one of the few unspoiled pieces of land on the Potomac River a stones throw from Washington D.C. That is still one of my proudest achievements.

All in all, though, I am a quiet person. I don’t play the role of activist well. I can barely read the all too true stories of impending loss in the nature magazines today. But I can do something. I can record the beauty and possibly inspire those who can fight. I can be a quiet background support with my art. This also gives me a selfish reason to walk in the woods today, where I still can find peace and serenity.

About the Art

The majority of my images are based on photographs and then digitally manipulated using Photoshop and various filters to give a vision of the essence of a scene rather than an exact recoding of the scene.

Framed prints are printed on fine art paper using long lasting pigment ink with 100% cotton rag mats and UV resistant glass. Ready to hang prints on metal and canvas gallery wraps are available by special order.

Prints of any image are available by special order or from my website –

Alison Thomas
Cell: (407) 314-1516
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