Much of my work exists where tradition meets the personal. Painting and stitching afford me an opportunity to converse with culture lost through time & distance. I’m reminded of a long familial tradition of women who came before me. Stitching out of necessity, warmth, & sustenance, these Slavic women were not thinking of art or galleries but of practical pride in a solid fund of craft. It is from their traditions that I draw my inspiration.

Whether fabric, paint, or mixed media, my routine is to add materials & color, subtracting, reworking, taking away, back & forth until the overall effect looks effortless, not contrived or forced. My intention is for pieces to feel casual and immediate, regardless of how many hours I may labor over them. The colors melt together overall with dancing bits of contrasting color and texture—a raw edge meets smooth silk, soft neutrals offset with shots of cobalt or orange. I like that each individual artwork is only a brief moment that has a before, during and after.

Staci Swider
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