The artistic enhancement of woven silk fiber is a synergy of three interfaced digital devices. My digital images are creatively manipulated then digitally transferred to natural silk fibers. I creatively manipulate naturally occurring phenomena revealing their inherent characteristics. Color, pattern, line, texture and balance are enhanced by enlargement, multiplication, stretching and other special techniques which move the subject from ordinary to extraordinary. Color becomes more dominant, pattern more obvious, line more fluid, texture is softened and balance more apparent. The result is a stimulating expression of symmetry, artistry, and refinement. I enhance natural silk because of its triangular shape providing a lustrous and reflective medium when woven as charmeuse. It is the absolute parallel of reflective qualities found in nature. Specially formulated ink for the silk is applied directly to the fabric in the form of microscopic droplets which become color fast and non fading when cured. I accomplish the entire process from digital image through creative manipulation. The transfer of my creation to fabric is strictly controlled by my own direct supervision and quality control measures. My artwork is unique and copyrighted under all applicable laws.

Archie Van Der Mast
Cell: (321) 948-5721

Studio Phone Number: (321) 948-5721

Line 9
Structure 8
Balance 4
Balance 1

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  1. Donald Thomas says:


    My Wife & I purchased 4 of your small & 1 larger piece of art work at the Cocoa Beach art fair last sunday. We were preparing to mail the 4 smaller pieces today & when we opened each one to add additional bubble wrap for shipping , one of the ceramics was unglued & chipped at the point where it was pinned to the back board.

    Would it be possible to bring this piece into Winter Park & would out be able to do some “magic surgery” on this piece. We come into Orlando quite often & would not mind dropping it off at your studio if this would be possible.

    By the way , we hung the larger piece in our LR & are very excited to view it.

    Thanks , Don Thomas

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