A life on the ocean has influenced my art; graceful whales and sailing ships, playful pods of dolphins, unhurried manatees, seabirds and sunsets are all expressed through the natural medium of wood.

My sculptures are hand crafted from North American Poplar, Cypress, Oak, Maple, Cherry and Walnut. The grain of each piece of wood is evaluated for its potential contribution to the life of the sculpture. Shaping is accomplished using traditional carving tools as well as tools that I specifically designed and made. The colorful acrylic lacquer finish gives the sculpture depth and clarity, accenting the beauty of the natural wood grain. Each wood carving is unique; designed, created and signed by me.

Occasionally, I have a special piece cast in bronze using the traditional lost wax method finished with an acid patina and sealed with lacquer. Creating a piece in bronze allows me the freedom to configure the sculptures in ways I cannot accomplish with the wood carvings. My bronze editions are limited to ten, with two Artist Proofs.
Werner Holzbaur
Cell: (941) 737-4216
Studio Phone Number: (941) 739-0127
Email: info@WernerArts.com
Web: http://www.WernerArts.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WernerHolzbaur

No Rush
First Breath
From the Deep

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