Ladybug Bows was created in 1990 when my family moved from Alabama to Maryland and my second child was born. I had been a school teacher but hesitated leaving a three year old and an infant to work outside of the home. My neighbor, who saw my daughter’s hair bows, suggested that I sell them. She introduced me to the owners of a local children’s boutique to whom I began to sell custom bows to match their clothing lines. I also began participating in local craft shows and home parties with my hair accessories. My business became successful enough for me to work from home while raising my children. They even occasionally attended shows with me and brought “busy bags” and took naps under my covered tables. What a surprise to customers when a child would crawl out from under the table! When my family moved from Maryland, four years later, I had many women coming to see me to “load up” on Ladybug Bows. In 1994 my family relocated to South Florida. After settling my family in our new home, I began to research and then visit local children’s boutiques and craft shows.

Ladybug Bows has come a long way from it’s days of creating bows for just one little girl. You can now come across Ladybug Bows in the hair of girls and women of all ages and even the occasional puppy around Florida and many other states. Ladybug Bows can be purchased at a variety of venues such as: trunk shows, craft shows, home parties, boutiques, and on the web site. Ladybug Bows are versatile and can be used for everyday wear, special occasions, cheerleading, school uniforms, gifts, party favors, and more.

Ladybug Bows is a high quality, customized hair accessory business that sells products at a moderate price. There are many hair accessory companies, but few that can tailor to the level of specific needs that Ladybug Bows can. Ladybug Bows is not just a business, it is a passion. My days are spent sewing and constructing a large variety of ribbons, buttons, sequins and more to create unique hair bows and headbands. Some of the hair accessories can also be embroidered for personalization. I enjoy working closely with my customers and changing the line with different ribbons, colors, and styles to accommodate trends in the market immediately. My business is a happy one with wonderful customers.

Cell: (561) 628-2624
Studio Phone Number: (561) 477-8706
Email: LadybugBow@aol.com
Web: http://www.LadybugBows.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ladybug-Bows/103918641501


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