BIO of Gail Small, Owner:

After holding senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years and obtaining a MBA, I now have the opportunity to start my own small business. The prospect of operating a successful green recycling business is very rewarding!

The mission of Last Call Glass is to recycle and reclaim beautiful glass bottles. The natural beauty and colors of glass gives us the inspiration to create unique and amazing products that are fun and fashionable. They are not put into a kiln and melted thus creating a very natural authentic look.

Each piece in our Recycled Bottle Jewelry line has been carefully cut and created with a lot of TLC and patience! It is very time-consuming and difficult to cut intricate, tiny shapes from a glass bottle but the results are amazing and truly one-of-a-kind. There is no way to mass produce this eco-friendly jewelry. It is important to note that specialty bottles come and go ~ so get your piece while available as there may not be another opportunity! These colorful glass bottles turn ordinary into magnificent pieces of art.

Last Call Glass is based in Sarasota Florida ~ home of the world famous Siesta Key Beach. All our bottles are collected locally from this area. If you or your business would like us to pick up your discarded glass bottles, we would be more than happy to do so. Contact us at lastcallglass@gmail.com.

The Beauty of Glass:

Glass is all natural using 3 simple ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash. Glass leaves less of a carbon footprint and protects food and drinks. Glass doesn’t break down into harmful chemicals that damage our oceans and planet. Because glass recycles endlessly, making new bottles often requires fewer raw materials and less energy.

The Process of Making Upcycled Bottle Jewelry:

To begin with, you must create relationships with local establishments to collect their discarded glass bottles. Many bottles have paper labels and cannot be used for this process. I am looking for bottles that have painted designs. Collected bottles must be cleaned and prepped for cutting. Cutting round glass is difficult and not like traditional scoring. On most bottles, the tops and bottoms are cut off and then another cut is made down the sides. This allows for a smaller workable piece (shown in main picture above). From there, decide on the design, shape and pattern. Once down to a workable size piece, edges and sides must be hand smoothed and polished.


The repurposed products sold by Last Call Glass are hand crafted and not endorsed by the original manufactures. We simply used an empty, discarded bottle and repurpose it. If at any time our product becomes defective, please throw it away to prevent injury. Dropping glass will cause breakage.

Gail Small
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