I was born on the picturesque Meuse River in Lorraine France. At a very young age my beloved grandmother taught me the love of colors, art and creativity. I relocated to Gainesville in my teens, Florida has been my home ever since.

My passion for beading began when I inherited a jade and crystal necklace from my grandmother. The necklace was old and tattered and in need of repair. Restoring it was my first encounter with beading. I found the project to be soothing and enjoyable. I began to create beautiful but conventional jewelry using semi-precious stones and unusual glass and porcelain beads.

My beading evolved when I became acquainted with American Indian arts and crafts. I became fascinated with the beading technique called peyote or gourd stitch, which American Indians still use to beautify ceremonial objects and clothing articles. I was enthralled.

My imagination bursting I began stitching my first peyote project. I was immediately hooked. My art took a personal and intriguing twist as I started to express myself through my creations. I am self-taught: I do not want to be influenced by someone else’s techniques and ideas, this is why my creations are so unusual.

Florida’s sparkling seas, reflecting ponds, wild grasses, swamps, vast sky and colorful sunsets are my inspirations. I carefully select each bead for my projects and place them to enhance their unique beauty. Accent beads can be semi precious stones, gold, silver, crystal, antique, glass, porcelain, clay, wood, even shells gathered during my walks on Florida beaches.

Published: in the prestigious Lark Book “Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry” 2012

Published: Bead&Button magazine 2012 special issue “peyote stitch’.

Published: BeadWork Magazine: 2011

Gold medal winner: International Fire Mountain Gems: seed bead wedding category, 2010

Finalist: International Fire Mountain Gems contest, seed bead category, 2008

Bronze medal winner: National Fire Mountain Contest, necklace category, 2007

Bronze medal winner: National Fire Mountain Contest, seed bead category 2006.

Best of show: Hillsborough County Anna M. Stair art contest, 2005.

Sylvie Camps
Studio Phone Number: (239) 454-3455

Morning Mist necklace

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  1. cindy says:

    Do you have the necklace for sale that is pictured at top?

    Thank you!
    SO Beautiful!!

  2. Karen Smith says:

    Please send schedule for the remainder of 2014. I hope to see you at the Alexandria Art Fair 13-14 Sep.

  3. David Camps says:

    Sylvie’s is only doing two (2) shows each year. We will be at the Coconut Point show this weekend. We post our schedule on our website ( and on our new FaceBook page named “Peyote Bead Art”. The website is for Sylvie’s finished art work and the FB page is more for her Etsy beading tutorial work. If you email us at and ask to be placed on our mailing list, we send out notifications of website changes and shows.

  4. David Camps says:

    We just finished our last show for this season at Coconut Point (Estero, FL) with the next happening fall 2015. Some pictures of the art show are posted on the “Peyote Bead Art” FaceBook page:


    and a video walk thru of her art display on the “Sylvie Camps” page:


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