Robert Ramaglia has been a silversmith for over 25 years. Silversmithing, combined with originality, technical expertise, quality workmanship and service, has been a benchmark for many years. The result is extreme sale ability, the best prices and a large and loyal customer base. Besides custom jewelry, Robert Ramaglia does antique restoration and repairs on: Silver,Copper,Gold,Pewter,Brass, and lamp rewiring. He is a retired consultant on eating disorders for many years in Philadelphia, Pa. He currently lives in Port St. Lucie, Fl with his wife, Eileen. Silver smithing was a hobby that just got out of control! His jewelry was so in demand he started to do it for a living. All of our jewelry are original designs made with the finest sterling silver and semiprecious stones from around the world. This style of silver smithing is the olde technique since Paul Revere and fashioned into modern jewelry that is timeless and eternally fashionable. The result is a unique, signed piece of wearable art! – jewelry.

Robert Ramaglia
Cell: (954) 562-6302
Studio Phone Number: (772) 621-7825
Email: advance100@bellsouth.net
Web: http://yeoldesilversmith.etsy.com

Mojave Turquoise & Black Onyx
Manassa Turquoise & Mojave Turquoise
White Buffalo & Black Onyx
Multi-Color Abstract

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  1. Janelle Rilling says:

    I have several necklaces that date from 2009 – 2011. What is the value of these items? Thank you inadvance for your help with this matter.

  2. Terry Merron says:

    Love your work ! Everyone should own a piece of beauty you make !

  3. Katie Walsh says:

    Is your necklace, third from the top. Geometric with 4 stones; green on the bottom available? If so can you please tell me the price. Thank you.

    • Eileen Ramaglia says:

      Dear Katie,

      Thanks for your inquiry. The 3rd one down with 4 stones is called Mama Picasso. It is $148. Stones are: orange spiny oyster, purple jade, blue kingman turquoise, green mojave turquoise. We happen to have one made as of now (we do art shows, so it’s on the table for sale) This is a limited edition piece as the spiny oyster is in protected waters and almost impossible to get. If interested please call me at 772-621-7825

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