Adrienne Blum Enamels

For Adrienne, her inspiration for her work comes from living in Portugal and Spain while in high school in the late 60s. Her family’s home outside of Lisbon had elaborate azulejos tile. “Tile has so much character and personal expression for the home. It is an honor to make pieces that are the American equivalent of tile.”

The Face is a self-portrait, a piece enameled with a wise and generous face. The designs all have stories and are personal . Another design is called Eclipse. Again Adrienne is combining influences from her husband’s astronomy background and contemporary design. Adrienne makes these tile designs because it provides her an additional means of communication with those who buy her work.

Adrienne “paints” with dry powders – no actual paint is used. The powders are actually colored ground glass, and once she creates the design she likes, Adrienne fires the piece in a kiln. At a temperature of 1500 degrees Farenheit, these powders melt and fuse to the piece.

Adrienne Blum
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Studio Phone Number: (434) 974-7029

The Face

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