I have been an artist all of my life. I received my art degree from the Univ. of Florida in 1975. I make one of a kind art to wear jewelry. They are mixed media works of art. I use fossils, stones, glass, burl wood, and resins together with my original sculpted and cast components. I call them Guides, Guardians and Messengers. Spirituality is my inspiration. I have won over 60 awards for my work. I sell my work at fine art juried art festivals, galleries and better apparel shops in Florida, and North Carolina.

Susan Sorrentino
Cell: (786) 423-5417



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  1. dolores gordon says:

    Susan omg you have become so famous and your work has truly reached a new realm this is dolores remember me sue introduced us I attended your art shows in Florida and you made my October birthday pendant. Sadly two of pieces I bought have either broken or come apart one fell off an earring and I lost it yes I wear them allot I would love if you could fix the piece but really want the one on your ad I am in Texas now and want to come back to Florida so bad. Can I send these to you. Since you don’t come here to the cottonwood festival in dallas. I’m going to call you. Dolores from ft myers now n.dallas texas

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