The Work

Inspired by graffiti this work is an effort to bring street art‘s edge, spontaneity, humor, wit, and excitement into your environment. Starting with a textured, “stained wall” look the work is heavily layered. Its visual messages are built up incorporating stencils, airbrush (to simulate spray paint) wet blending and gravity dripping. As graffiti is defined by its limited life span, resin is used to “freeze” time rescuing the image for display as you see fit.

The Artist

Paul Flack is an outsider artist inspired by traditional self-taught folk artists such as Jimmy Lee Sudduth and Howard Finster. He is co-founder of a non-profit organization, Who-Ha Da-Da Outsider Artists Fellowship that is dedicated to promoting vernacular Southern visual art. His work can be found in the Hurn Museum and in numerous private collections.

The Process

Plaster of Paris is applied to wood to recreate the texture of an exterior wall. A background stain is introduced and worked with sandpaper to simulate the aging process. Images are applied using acrylic paint, pencil, water-soluble paint stick, paint pen, watercolor, dry pigment and in some cases, found objects. Airbrush suggests spray paint and drip paint application is reminiscent of Craig Costello a.k.a. Krink. The works are sealed with a UV filter resin and with some minor modification can be put outdoors in a shady protected spot.

Paul Flack
Cell: (678) 525-8314

Studio Phone Number: (770) 432-5982

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