image3 I am a self-taught, whimsical mixed media artist and illustrator. I create mermaids, angels, fairies, forlorn girls and quirky characters often with messages of love, courage , inspiration and a hint of humor. I use various materials including acrylics, oils, charcoal, pencil, ink and papers to enhance my paintings. I love to incorporate vintage and found items to enhance my paintings. I’m inspired by life’s quirky moments, fairy tale characters and my own imagination. I create art for the inner child in all of us. I love to make people smile and bring joy to their hearts. I have collectors throughout the world as far as Australia, Japan and Germany to South America and the US. I also have been published in several major art magazines including Somerset Studios. I live in Central Florida and travel through Florida and the southeastern region of the US to do art shows full time with my husband Andy.
Cell: (407)922-0053
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Facebook: http://Facebook/pbsartstudio1

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  1. Jacqui plummer says:

    Love your work!!

  2. I have 6 pieces of Patti’s work and many more on my wish list. She did an amazing job on a piece in memory of my dog. Awesome talent awesome gal!

  3. Maria M. says:

    Your work is beautiful!

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