Kathy is a digital artist inspired by nature and light, which is a common theme throughout her work. Each work of art is a combination of photograph (sometimes more than one) and digital painting. The photograph is the basis and inspiration for the digital painting. She draws upon her background in painting and drawing to create each piece, sometimes spending hours to get the precise effect. Her love of light and color is evident in each piece presenting an emotional sense while revealing the beauty of nature. Her art takes on an impressionistic almost abstract look at times with a combination of geometric and natural elements.

Kathy’s creative process allows each work of art to be customized to your design and decorating needs.
Studio Phone Number: (316)264-1400
Email: info@kbesthorn.com
Web: http://www.kbesthorn.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kathy-Besthorn-Fine-Art-Photography


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