moi-pic-3-25-13 This type of painting (on screen wire) is a tradition that was started in Baltimore, MD, on the window screens of the row houses to provide daytime privacy. We have miniaturized it, and with the thousands of holes the screen, making it a perfect piece for hanging pierced earrings. We have added hooks and dowel rods to some of our pieces for hanging other jewelry as well. We construct different sizes and styles of handmade wooden frames and then insert a piece of fiberglass screen that serves as a painting canvas. Using acrylics, each one is then hand-painted, up to and in some cases, including the frame. Because of the unusual surface we choose to paint on, there are no prints, every piece is an original painting

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Table Top Earring and Jewelry Holder with Hydrangeas
Double Damask Corners
Beach House Square
7x10 Floral Scroll

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