Annemarie SiegelAnnmarie Siegel creates beautifully unique jewelry and wearable art from watch parts.  She is inspired by the shapes of these intricate pieces and recycles the parts successfully, creating recognizable objects such as fish, owls, and birds. Her mantra is “Living in the moment and not by your wristwatch.”

Siegel ArtAs an extremely inquisitive child, Annmarie would take apart just about everything she could get her hands on: old tape recorders, appliances, cameras, etc.  However, her mother’s old jewelry was her greatest passion. She would disassemble her mother’s broaches, pins, and earrings to make up new designs.  “I thought mine looked better,” she would tell the adults.  After taking apart one of her father’s favorite pocket watches, she found that there were so many more treasured pieces inside that she could use to create with. She was inspired by the shapes and saw much more than just watch parts.  She began to create recognizable things such as fish, owls, and birds with the pieces. Since then, her obsession with constantly making new designs has become her livelihood.

Annmarie has lived most of her adult life in Florida and now makes her home in Nokomis. She gets her inspiration by stopping by the beaches near her home.

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