Featured Artist at Downtown Denver

The Downtown Aspen Art Festival is just about a week away, and we are thrilled to announce that our featured artist for the event will be amazing conservatiom photographer Zsuzsanna Luciano.

Zsuzsanna3a5x5 Brush to Lens, Telling a Story

Not that photography in general isn’t a medium with a message, but the overall theme of conservation photography carries such purpose, that only someone who is deeply passionate about telling nature’s story is able to convey its message effectively. Hungarian-born Zsuzsanna Luciano is such a photographer, transitioning swiftly from a world of oils, acrylics and brushes to one of digital cameras and photo frames. The poignant scenery showcased in her work is a testament to the fusion between a painter’s abstract genius and a photographer’s discerning eye, the fusion that speaks to the deepest parts of the audience’s heart.

Trained in Europe and a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), Zsuzsanna’s passion for the images she sees through the lens has captivated audiences all over the world and particularly her alma mater, which has twice selected her to receive the school’s coveted Award of Merit. Reaching this difficult-to-achieve milestone not once, but twice, makes Zsuzsanna Luciano a gifted professional photographer with a solid standing; however, it’s her method that has really cemented Zsuzsanna in her position as conservation photographer.

Spirit of Freedom Luciano Translating Method into Art

While she uses standard format as well as digital cameras, it is the latter that, in her opinion, serves as a proper tool for conservation photography (Zsuzsanna’s preference? The Nikon F100 and D300). With a digital camera, she is able to make numerous adjustments in order to really see what nature really looks like at the moment. Before any shots are taken, Zsuzsanna spends hours doing shadow work and color matching so that she can capture exactly what she sees.

The result is an almost three-dimensional image that takes you directly to the place being captured, whether it’s a canal in Venice or a canyon in the mountains. Without the constraints of digital manipulation or Photoshop work, Zsuzsanna Luciano delivers a powerful message that is not only timeless, but speaks to future generations: Nature is meant to be savored, preserved, and respected, not altered or changed.

Bryce Morning Glory Win “Bryce Morning Glory” by Zsuzsanna Luciano!

Enter the Featured Art Giveaway at the Downtown Aspen Art Festival and you’ll have the opportunity to win a beautiful piece by conservation photographer and artist Zsuzsanna Luciano. The prize, a 24” x 36” print on canvas entitled “Bryce Morning Glory” and valued at $600, will be on display at her booth throughout the weekend. Register at her booth until 4:00 pm on Sunday, when the winning ticket will be drawn. As always, no purchase is necessary to participate in this giveaway.

Meet Zsuzsanna Luciano at the Downtown Art Festival, taking place in Aspen, Co. next Saturday and Sunday, July 27-28, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.. Find out more about this and many other events at www.artfestival.com or email info@artfestival.com for more information.

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