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This weekend’s Beaver Creek Art Festival, taking place in Colorado’s beautiful Beaver Creek Village, is expected to be a huge hit. There is no doubt that our event’s featured artist will be partly responsible for that success. Join us as you get to know Karen Heuton.

Heuton Home in a Painting

There is something quite familiar about the work of artist Karen Heuton. Describing herself as a referential contemporary with a stylistic approach, her work is at times intricate yet so easy to take in. Still, there is a sense when one looks at her paintings that one is home, relaxing on the porch or perhaps taking in a brand new yet familiar sight, comforted and at peace with the painting’s surroundings.

Of course, this could be largely due to the warm and timeless palette of colors that Karen is accustomed to using — a palette that combines acrylics, varnishes and gels expertly to create a unique vision on the canvas. Applied carefully but masterfully on the canvas with both brushes and palette knives, Karen’s tools are a conduit for more than just beautiful paintings; Karen is taking art lovers on a journey down memory lane, guiding them through her many trips to California and Italy, or perhaps even through her visions of everyday life, whether that involves a tree that catches her eye or a wine bottle on a back porch, overlooking a landscape captured in time.

karen heuton A Family Affair

Karen Heuton’s love for the arts began while growing up in the Midwest, a young lady bitten by the same art bug that had taken so many other visual artists in her family. Studying art at an early age, she continued until she became older. A restaurant owner, Karen took a 25-year hiatus, and for the past 10 years, she has been traveling to art shows all over the country. Still, her family comes first, as her free time is spent with grandchildren. This weekend, as she shares her talents with the Howard Alan Events family at the Beaver Creek Art Festival in Colorado, there is no doubt that art fans of all ages will fall in love with the beauty of Karen Heuton’s message.

breckenridge karen heuton Win “Breckenridge” by Karen Heuton!

Every year, one lucky patron gets to take home a beautiful and exciting piece from our event’s featured artist and this year is no exception. As Featured Artist for the Beaver Creek Art Festival, Karen will be giving away a piece, 24″ x 30″, original framed and valued at $900, entitled “Breckenridge”. Patrons can visit her booth throughout the weekend to learn more about her work, admire her paintings and enter to win “Breckenridge”. You can enter until Sunday at 4 p.m., when the drawing will take place at Karen’s booth.

Come meet Karen Heuton at the 26th Annual Beaver Creek Art Festival taking place in Beaver Creek Village, Avon, Co. To learn more about this and many other Howard Alan Events, visit www.artfestival.com, or email info@artfestival.com. You can also call (561) 746-6615.

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