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At Howard Alan Events, one of the things we love most is sharing the talents of some of the most exquisite artists in the country with everyone we meet. This weekend will be no exception, and we are proud and excited to introduce you to our Shadyside featured artist, breathtaking painter Julie Keaten- Reed.

White on White by Julie Keaten Reed

Field of Dreams

One of the aspects about growing up in rural Wyoming that struck Julie Keaten-Reed most as a child was the element of storytelling. She saw it in the ruggedness of the hills and the vastness of the landscape. She absorbed it in the hikes she took with her mother to the mountains and every time she passed through a beautiful meadow. The world that surrounded her as a child told the stories she grew up with. This fueled her connection to the earth.

Red Fish by Julie Keaten-Reed

“My mother would take us on long trail rides into the mountains with everything we would need for a week,” recounts Julie in the artist statement found on her website, juliekeatenreed.com. “There, we were free to explore the world and create our own reality.” Three decades or so later, she finally picked up a brush and began to tell her story. She finally shared her reality with the rest of the world.

Asian Inspiration

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Carley Craig, a well-respected and multitalented artist and fine art collector, Julie has forged a unique path to her success as an artist. Five years living in Japan gave her the inspiration to use the power of simplicity in each of her pieces. Adopting ancient Japanese painting techniques to share her vision and nodding to the Japanese culture she adores, Julie uses sumi ink with either water color or oil paints to provide subtle color accents.

What she loves most about her muse? “I love the Japanese aesthetic of understated simplicity,” says Julie. ” The Japanese culture understands that you can communicate by implicit suggestion instead of using lots of detail, that it isn’t necessary or even very sophisticated to be too explicit.”

Green Floral by Julie Keaten-Reed

“I love that you can suggest an entire landscape with just a few brushstrokes and a tree, you can suggest an entire room with just a simple flower arrangement.”

She brings to the table a one-of-a-kind penchant for spotting beauty through composition; Rather than painting exactly what she sees, she sees her subject and paints what she interprets as her truth, paving the way for those who see her art to do the same.

Win “Green Floral” at Shadyside … The Art Festival on Walnut Street

Julie Keaten-Reed

Every year, festival patrons have the chance to win original artwork and this weekend,  the winner will receive a beautiful piece entitled “Green Floral” by our featured artist, Julie Keaten-Reed. “Green Floral” is a framed 18” x 22” sumi ink on watercolor paper valued at $300. You can find the piece on display at Julie’s booth throughout the weekend, where giveaway registration will  take place until Sunday at 4:00 pm, the time of the drawing. Additional information and images of Julie’s work can be found on her website, www.JulieKeatenReed.com.  No purchase is necessary to participate in this giveaway.

Meet the wonderful Julie Keaten-Reed at Shadyside … The Art Festival on Walnut Street this Saturday, Aug. 24 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more about this and many other Howard Alan Events, visit www.artfestival.com, or email info@artfestival.com. You can also call (561) 746-6615.

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